Life Had Other Plans

September 2016 - I had big plans! My two daughters would soon be back in school and I was finally gearing up to restart my Photography business!

Let's back up a few years. In the summer of 2012, I was closing down Lindsay Calcerano Photography and getting ready to move from Waterloo Ontario Canada to Sammamish Washington USA. Life was a blur for our first several years here; an International move is pure craziness that involves a giant list of to-do's and paperwork, the kids were still young and I was enjoying catering to their every need (said with some amount of sarcasm but mostly...seriously, they grow up so fast and I was very much enjoying spending time with them and exploring our new surroundings!), and to top it off, my husband was frequently out of the country with his career.

Now jump back to September 2016. It was a Thursday, and we were all very excited that the kids were starting school the following week. We had plans to go back-to-school clothes shopping that afternoon. My kids desperately needed clothes, and I had refused to buy them anything earlier in the summer. I am sure that my kids - especially the younger one - grow at twice the rate of most children and I was certain that if I bought them jeans in July, they would be too small by September. And beyond that Thursday, *I* had plans. Big plans! I was finally ready to start on thinking about the Grand Re-Opening of Lindsay Calcerano Photography here in Sammamish!

But had other plans. I was rear-ended while stopped at a red light - thankfully alone in my car and not with kids in the back seat, which shifted out of place from the impact. So when school started up again, I was not able to spend my days checking tasks off my business re-opening list, but instead, I spent months in bed or on the couch recovering from, and at various doctors and other offices being treated for my symptoms of (mainly) concussion and neck injury. Insert sad face emoji. :( On the plus side, our new kitten was the BEST recovery buddy a girl could ask for.

So that's life and the curveballs it throws at you sometimes that take you off course. Again on the plus side (eternal optimist that I strive to be), I've improved a good amount over the last month. I still can't manage to photograph anything for more than 20 minutes without aggravating the discomfort in my neck, but since the daily migraine-like headache and mental fogginess has subsided, I HAVE been able to sit and dream about renovating my home studio space!!! And now my wonderful husband has been chipping away at turning my vision into reality. Stay tuned for the next blog post and watch the new studio come to life!

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